Monday, January 30, 2006

Wow, I cannot believe how much I am learning in the scrapbooking world, to take into my painting! I learn more now from a scrapbooking magazine than an art one! I feel like I am in design school again, keeping track of what designer is doing what and what the big new hot trend is. Only I do think that the scrapbooking world is coming up with more new things than the fashion one. But they do say that nothing is new and everything just repeats itself...not sure I believe this for scrapping.... I love now how I can mix painting and what I have learnt in scrapbooking and look forward to many crossover projects!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

How did I become a Full Blown Scrapper??!!!

Well firstly I know I must thank my awesome friend Krista!!!!!! How you have opened my eyes to this amazing alter world called SCRAPBOOKING! I first just started by buying stamps, thinking that I would use them on my paintings (like one of my Fav. artists, Grant Lier) Then I began to wonder...what is a tag, paperpiecing,embossing, walnut ink,slide mount,hermafix, etc.... and all the names,MM,BG,HS, TH,Junkitz,Chatterbox,Li'l Davis,HG etc......I have to know, I am too snoopy not to look into things! Not only that but with 2 small children I don't have hours and hours to paint any longer, Scrapbooking though I can do something in 5 min. (or 5 hours)! And it is soooo creative, innovative , dimensional and an awesome Art form. So here I am, recruiting,creating,cropping,swapping,chatting,distressing etc. I do not know where I would be without this wonderful thing called Scrapbooking in my life!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Wow here i am!!!

I have now created my own blog...not bad for a non-computer literate gal!!! I just started checking out blogs when I went to Heidi Swapps....I thought it was sooo cool and would love to have my own to share as well.....then when i post you can find out a bit about me, otherwise i feel like I am just 'peeping'. Wonder if this will make me more creative...I have to figure out how to attach my blog signature....I am sure in a couple of weeks
I will be laughing at myself not knowing how to do any of this, and know I have it all in writing.

Ohhhhh.... i'm already getting good I actually uploaded an image. This is a watercolour and pencil crayon painting I did "Ebb".

Gotta go, the babes ready to wake....