Monday, February 06, 2006

Greater Peace!

Ahhh, my heart is at a greater peace now that my stepdaughter is back!!! Yay!! It has been a rough month with no contact from her, but she is here now and that is all that matters! Although I do think we need to work on one thing 'stuburness'..sp..I love my three girls, and when we are all together,that is what life is about!

I am going back to work in 30 days! Wow this year off has been a blur.....I am feeling so bad for Scotia to be in daycare. I will be at work for 9 hours daily, and the longest that I have left her is 2 1/2 hours!!! She is such a mama's girl and makes it near impossible for anyone to take her as she will just freeeak!(so nobody has beffed to take her) I would like to go out a bit more, painting scrapping....creating! Time is just flying!
(picture of Miranda with Scotia in the 1st month)


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